New Chain Hair Centre Solutions

What holds the hair weave on?

Special double-sided tape can be used daily by placing it around the perimeter of the weave. Other methods include using special weave clips, hardbond adhesives or a traditional cable weave track-and-sew attachment method (also known as retightening).

Can I go swimming or exercising without losing my hair weave & embarassing myself?

Yes. Contrary to what is seen in television (often for comedy purposes), the hair weave will not fall off easily while exercising. But the firmness of the weave depends on the type of exercise you are doing. Extreme sports like water skiing or even diving, would require more lasting attachments like the hardbond adhesives.

Will the hair weave lift off in strong winds?

It shouldn’t. The key in preventing the weave from lifting up at all is having it made to conform correctly to the shape of your head. This is one reason why a custom-made weave is superior to a stock piece. When you make your weave mould (it’s really simple and easy), be sure to use 4 layers of clear packing tape so that the mould will hold the shape and contour of your head. A weave that fits well gives a more natural look and feel.

How do I care for my Weave?

You can take care for the weave yourself by washing it with a shampoo with mild pH (4.5 – 5.5). Use conditioners that do NOT contain Lanolin, polymers or heavy oils, so as to give the weave a soft feel and prevent any tangles. Alternatively, you may choose to come to New Chain Hair Centre for your weave maintenance, where we can cater to your budget and needs.